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MR III by 9werewolf
Mysterious being from Undead Origins. (Unfinished version)
James John Jackson by 9werewolf
James John Jackson
James John, husband of Ronnie Jay Jackson. James is a muscular, tough badass Matutunis, unlike many stereotypical homosexuals.

James John Jackson's a childhood friend of Sting Jason, along with Ronnie, and has a severe case of anger issues; he ends up getting pissed off a lot, breaking things in his way, however, he sometimes also hurts his beloved ones, breaking James.

This badass muscle-guy originated from the 'Old Matutunis', also known as the Feral Ones; these were Matutunis behaving more like beast-like creatures. This is shown as seeing James roars sometimes.

Because of this, James has chest clothes over his shirt, underneath his biker jacket; his chest clothes have some symbols from the Old Matutunis/Feral Ones.

Later, during the Sting franchise, James learns to control his rage, and he uses it only against his enemies, who face bloody fates.
What's noticeable is that James vaguely resembles a lion, because of his manes, though those are made out of his skin. However, he does have VERY long hair, compared to most Matutunis.

Another fascinating that James is just an eensie bit smaller than King Clive, the first Matutunis ever to be born.
James is physically insanely strong, but learns that even though he and his beloved husband Ronnie turn into immortal Matutunis, that is not where his strength lies, neither is it where Ronnie's strength lies; Ronnie and James eventually discover how their manly nature gives others hope. The sight of happiness is what makes Ronnie and James two truly powerful Matutunis.

~James John Jackson*~
The pain you've caused us... by 9werewolf
The pain you've caused us...
One of the undead creatures in Matutunis Rituals 3. These are undead, awakened by a mysterious meteor that landed on their graves.

His bleeding eye represents the tears for rest that is taken from him, and the blood from his mouth symbolizes Lorens' bloodlust.

The black marks all over his body symbolize his anger towards what's happened to his final resting place, where he thought he'd finally earn his rest, only to get it robbed from him.

Matutunis Rituals 3: Undead Origins
~Matutunis Rituals 3: Undead Origins~ by 9werewolf
~Matutunis Rituals 3: Undead Origins~
Artwork for a game idea of mine, titled Matutunis Rituals 3: Undead Origins.

This game, along with the 5th game, is chronologically the first in a series that is a successor to Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's.

The figure on the drawing is Lorens, a Matutunis (creature from BowserPaulDiox's Sting franchise) who's escaped from his prison, and together with mysterious undead creatures, terrorizes an ancient Matutunis village for unknown reasons!

The line and subliminal messages on the artwork are actually related to the story of Matutunis Rituals 3: Undead Origins.
`~*~True Imagination 16~*~` by 9werewolf
`~*~True Imagination 16~*~`
What '16' TRULY is!
Ever since I've started 16, I knew from the very beginning that it's True Imagination 16. This brand-new game takes place before BowserPaulDiox's True Imagination 6 Saga, and my upcoming TI project, the Vincent Paradise Saga!

~It explains the origins of the lore of both saga's, and how the TI6's age started in the first place!~

              The release date on my drawing says 6-2-2015, but actually, it's supposed to be 2016.

The concept of TI16 is that robotic creatures are being used for whatever reason by limbless animals, but if the robots don't do what the animals want, they get turned into monsters made out of spiritual substance, these monsters are named Worll Imaginations.

The robotic creature on the right, with the hat is the main protagonist, his name is Odray. Together with a group of other robotic creatures, and many different species, Odray is being used by the animals, but he and the others discover the summons, known as the

Und' ity...            

...along with their mysteries..


9werewolf's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Just an ordinary soft, very sensitive boy who likes drawing stuff. :-D
I have a form of autism, namely PDD NOS, so my brains work slower than that of someone else.

I'm really into art styles, and I'm fascinated with videogames, especially The Legend of Zelda! That is just awesomesauce with coolnachos!

Also, I have a weird sense of humor, which only my friends understand and I recommend you not to see me as a pro with drawing, I'm an amateur, and I admit that without any shame. None at all.

We should all accept each other for who we are. :)

On here, I draw artwork for a videogame idea my friend Skippy 84 and I are workin' on (not developing it, just brainstorming), and I hope you'll like it as I'll work my word off on 'em.

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